Natural Family Planning


The Creighton Model of Fertility Care is a method of true family planning.  It is highly effective for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy.  Creighton and NaproTechnology, a new science of reproductive technology, offers couples suffering with infertility the hope of achieving a pregnancy.  This method is all natural and follows the teachings of the Church.


This System:

  • Is as effective (99.5%) to avoid pregnancy as any other method of family planning, including the birth

control pill when taught and used correctly.

  • Enhances a couple’s relationship.
  • Respects Life from the moment of conception.
  • Is effective with assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, miscarriage,

ovarian cysts and PMS.

  • Is more effective to achieve pregnancy than artificial reproductive

technologies, including IVF, for couples experiencing infertility.

  • Is inexpensive.
  • Is  an investment in your future because they can be used during the your entire procreative life, to plan or avoid pregnancy, coming off of hormonal contraception, breastfeeding, post-partum, perimenopause, or any other situation.
  • Is a valuable gynecological and health record because of the daily tracking of signs of fertility.
  • Is a healthy alternative for health-conscious women.

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