Immaculate Conception Parish Council Meeting: 15 SEP 19


Fr. Riley
Deacon Kevin
Matthew Foster
Adam Foster
Ann Marie Sheehan
Stephen Sycks
Polly Flynn


Mr. Sycks gave a finance overview.  Discussed in detail the Legacy of Hope results and we had a brief discussion on the projects that will impact the parish as a result.  Also mentioned a new subgroup focusing on the lifecycle management of the church property in support of budgeting for infrastructure needs.  There was a discussion about the growing changes in the trending of our annual giving and the change in demographics of the parish community. 

Fr. Riley reported that the parish will be removing the old oil tanks from the basement and is pursuing quotes for that work.  He mentioned some upcoming parish projects to include the design and layout of the new adoration chapel.  There was a discussion regarding the 9th division mass and that the changing of the colors ceremony will be held on Oct 20th after the 10AM mass.  There was a discussion about investigating how best to post some signs and possible paint on the pavement to prevent cars from driving poorly and protecting the people.  Also, we discussed the Ice Cream social, but have yet to lock in a date for the event.

Mr. Foster discussed the scouts of Troop 84 and how there is a push this year to recruit more from the parish.  He discussed a plan to advertise and support the church with the troop and attempt to swell the ranks with boys from within the parish community.  The troop is planning to help with the signage initiative mentioned above, support the 9th division ceremony and plan a trip this year to Gettysburg as a learning trip.

Next meeting will be set in January.

Father Riley gave the closing prayer.