Homily 3rd Sunday of Easter Cycle C May 5, 2019

It would be accurate to say that some important conversations take place at the breakfast table. Sometimes those conversations are with others, and other times they are with ourselves. I have some of my best conversations when I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating my oatmeal over here, when nobody else is around.

            Breakfast conversations tend to set the path, the mood, the purpose for the upcoming day. Even conversations where you have to speak loudly to the other person you’re talking to, so they can hear, like you would have to do at the usually loud Gold Star Restaurant.

            But here on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, the conversation proceeds in much softer tones and voices, calm minds and hearts, with confidence and assurance that who they see sitting there before them is the real deal, for the 3rd time. This breakfast conversation with Jesus is what every breakfast should look like and taste like in this passing world.

            And the look and taste is, “Do you love me?” “Yes, Lord, I do.” “Do you love me?” Yes, Lord, I just said I do. Didn’t hear me?” “Do you love me?” “Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you. Why do you ask me three times in this breakfast conversation? Do you think I’m hard-headed or deaf?” “Yes Peter, I do. But that will change soon. Feed my sheep.”

            Breakfast conversations with Christ, the conversation that sets the tone for each day of our lives, is less about stuffing our own stomachs with oatmeal, eggs, home fries, and English muffins. And much more about feeding others.

            In the Gospel accounts, this is the last time Jesus will eat with them here. When’s the last time Jesus will eat with us? We don’t know, but we know it’s soon. Feed his sheep.

            Most days, the breakfast conversation is the one that sets the path for another day that God gives us here, knowing that those days are growing less in number. And it’s in the quiet of the early morning seashore that the Lord sets us up for the remainder of our lives with “Do you love me?” 3 times.

            “Yes, Lord, I do. And we will prove it throughout this day, this evening, and all days.”